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By Way of Introduction

Welcome to Beautiful Water Genealogy. My name is Christine McCloud. I’ve lived my whole life in New England, but have found that my ancestors also go back through New York, Quebec and Nova Scotia on this side of the Atlantic. Across the pond, my family is from England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Poland and Lithuania.

Through this blog, I hope to shed some light on my ancestors’ stories. I’ve had some requests from family and friends about what I’ve learned. Some stories were easy to find, and some were broken into little puzzle pieces, waiting to be put together. I’m finding that tracing my family tree is definitely a work in progress!

I’d also like to use this blog as a way to communicate some local history as I come across it. Even though no one from my family history is from this area, I love to find out interesting tidbits about my hometown. So if you have Norwalk, CT area ancestry, perhaps you can learn something here.

Finally, I’ll occasionally share bits and pieces of genealogy news that I find interesting, as well as my humble opinion.

Thank you for stopping by and hopping aboard as we set sail across the waters of genealogy! (See what I did there? 🙂 )

author's collection

author’s collection


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