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Breaking News: The Genealogy Event NYC

I was going to post about my great-grandfather again this week; however, I just got such great news that if I don’t share it, I’ll surely pop. Tickets are now on sale for this year’s Genealogy Event in New York City!  It will be held October 17 and 18.

I’ve been attending The Genealogy Event since its inception in 2012. Since so many of the “big” conferences are usually so far away from the Northeast, I really wanted to support a more local conference, especially in the New York metropolitan area. After all, millions of people live around here, and there have to be a lot of genealogists in that population, right?
The Genealogy Event started out kind of small yet strong in 2012. In 2013 I convinced a friend to go with me and we were thrilled! There were some intermediate-level sessions that I went to, and my friend made some great discoveries with the help of none other than D. Joshua Taylor! (Oh, yes, I shook his hand and made a fool of myself!)
This year’s Genealogy Event promises to be even better. Here’s why:
  • it’s going to be at the National Archives in New York City, which is housed at its new historic location of the Alexander Hamilton Customs House at 1 Bowling Green in Manhattan. (Genealogy! Archives! History!)
  • there will be special advanced-level sessions for those who want more.
  • there will be awesome well-known speakers.
  • there will be a Friday social event so you can get to know your fellow genea-geeks!
  • although it will cost more than last year, it’s still less than one of the mega-conferences, and there is plenty of flexibility in the type of package you choose.  Plus, I believe you’ll be getting your money’s worth!
  • there will be a special DNA day on Sunday, October 19, with a session for beginners and advanced. (Final details are still being worked out.)
  • there is actually a hashtag this year: #tge2014 .  This makes it more tweetable, for sure!
Want to know more?  Go to http://www.thegenealogyevent.com/ and click on the links for New York City (NYC).
DISCLAIMER:  I’m not employed by or affiliated with The Genealogy Event.  I’m merely an enthusiastic cheerleader who wants more genealogy doings in her area!

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