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Genealogy Event: VIP Status

As I pondered whether or not to purchase VIP tickets for The Genealogy Event, I felt I needed more information, so I wrote to the founder and organizer, Bridget Bray.  She answered right away AND said I could share that information right here to help any potential attendees decide whether to go with that route!

Here are some of the benefits, verbatim:

  • Priority access
  • Lunch included and in a designated area (the space (i.e. the auditorium and the meeting rooms) don’t permit food in them and there is no food outlet in the building.  This means for non-VIPs they must step out to purchase their food and then re-enter via security so just needing extra time allowance to come back into the building)
  • Each of Fri & Sat there will be private tour/talk with NARA a “behind the scenes”, if you will, for VIPs
  • Pre-booking of one-on-one consultations will occur for VIPs approximately 1 month out from the event
  • Early communications
  • PLUS working on gaining some additional value adds in the lead up

I don’t know about you, but I’m licking my genealogy chops!

I’m sure as we get closer to October 17, there will be much more news.  I will keep you all posted!

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