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Back to Al Pleau for a Minute!

It figures that as soon as I complete my posts on Al that I would discover something completely new about him!

I read that Genealogy Bank just released some newspapers from the San Francisco area for the time period that Al was there. Always curious to learn something more, I checked it out. More performances, more comedy, and a tiny blurb in the August 12, 1928 issue of the San Francisco Chronicle, saying “PLEAU – In this city. August 9, 1928. Albert Pleau, a native of New York.”

Wait, what happened in this city? Click on the image, find the name, see what column this is under…”Deaths”. I thought Al died after 1940, since he was on that Voter Registration List. Maybe they never took him off the list? (I know that some are thinking, “Maybe another Al Pleau?” Could be. But this would explain why I could never find him on the 1930 and 1940 censuses.)

So I looked on the microfilmed California Death Index on FamilySearch. Sure enough, there was Al Pleau, died in San Francisco on August 9, 1928 at the age of 50 (which would be his exact age). And even though I’ve been checking Find a Grave forever, I checked it again and found two entries (seems that one is a duplicate which appears to be deleted now) at Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Colma, CA (which is on the San Francisco peninsula). One of the entries notes how he was a veteran of vaudeville. New York + 50 years old + Catholic + vaudeville = gotta be my Al!

California Death Index, 1905-1939; FamilySearch

California Death Index, 1905-1939; FamilySearch

Of course, I requested a photo of his gravestone on Find a Grave.  A contributor who works this cemetery contacted me and told me that sadly, the section that Al is buried in is for the indigent and there is no individual stone for him.  There is only a statue that marks that section of the cemetery.

Now that I know that Al died in 1928, this makes me think of the impact on his family. He died before my great-grandfather George did, so surely George would have heard of Al’s death while he was living in Baltimore. I wonder how it impacted George, even though he hadn’t seen Al in nearly a decade. I wonder if he spoke of it to my grandfather, who wasn’t even six years old yet. If he did, I’m certain that my grandfather did not remember much about it, based on what little he was able to convey to me about his father’s family.  I also wonder how Al died at such a young age.

In any case, finding Al’s burial site has enabled me to find the last of where this family is buried.  I’ve been able to reunite him with his family on Find a Grave and in my virtual cemetery there.  I’ve felt a sense of resolution or completion in all of this.  However, I am not done posting about this family!


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