Great-Great Aunts Ida and Lucy Pleau

This will be a short post, because both Ida and Lucy lived very short lives.

Ida was born in 1885, after Evelyn and before Ella. She probably attended school for a time, and passed away on April 18, 1896.

Lucy was the last child born or George and Emma Pleau.  She was born about 1890 and died on July 2, 1895.  This was only two months before her pregnant sister Cordelia got married.  I wonder if her death (and perhaps illness?) contributed to delaying the wedding.

Both Ida and Lucy are buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Section I, which is a children’s section of the cemetery.  As I tried to look for their stones (which do not exist or are gone now), being in this section made my heart break for all the parents.  There were many stones with little lambs on top and laments inscribed on the side.  My thoughts go to Emma, who lost her two little girls within a year of each other.  Did she want to provide a stone for her daughters?  Were they too poor to do so?  I was glad to be able to be close enough to the graves to pay my respects to these little-known Pleau children.

Section I, Lot 6; the area where Ida and Lucy are buried

Section I, Lot 6; the area where Ida and Lucy are buried