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Great-Great Aunt Cordelia (Pleau) Webber

Typical of most genealogical research, I have less information on the women of the Pleau family than the men. However I do feel compelled to include them and their families in their own articles.

Cordelia Pleau (sometimes called Delia), the oldest daughter of George Pleau and Emma LeClair, was born January 1874 in Rochester. Her education ended after seventh grade, and I assume that she went to Our Lady of Victory School like her brother George.  As an adult she worked as a tailoress in Rochester until a couple of years after being married.

On September 17, 1895 Cordelia married Leonard F. Webber*, a carpenter.  Leonard was the widower of Barb Baetzel, who died five years prior.  He and Barb had a daughter, Loretta (or Lauretta) A., born in December 1888.  It wasn’t long before Cordelia had a daughter of her own; five months later, Florence Emma was born November 9, 1895.  (Not so coincidentally, Barb was five months pregnant when marrying Leonard.)

Probably the most significant thing I found on this family was a newspaper article that claimed on October 21, 1896 Leonard ” punished Gregory Liebeck with his fists”.  Leonard claimed that this was a case of mistaken identity and had a lawyer to defend his case.  I don’t know the outcome of the case at this time.  I assume that the outcome was positive, but without court records I can’t know for sure.

The Webber family lived in various places in Rochester, then Leonard used his carpentry skills to build a new home at 458 Electric Avenue, where they lived from  1914-1936.

458 Electric Avenue, Rochester NY.  Courtesy Google Earth.

458 Electric Avenue, Rochester NY. Courtesy Google Earth.

Leonard retired from carpentry in 1936 and the family moved to nearby Ontario, Wayne County, NY.  Meanwhile, Loretta and Florence worked various clerical jobs; Loretta as a bookkeeper and Florence as a secretary.

After about another ten years, they moved to nearby Webster, NY. Leonard died of a heart condition on September 23, 1949 after being rushed to the hospital.  Cordelia remained in Webster and passed away there on November 4, 1952.  Both are buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Rochester.

Graves of Leonard and Cordelia Webber.  Author's collection.

Graves of Leonard and Cordelia Webber. Author’s collection.

Loretta and Florence seemed to have moved back to Rochester, and neither of them ever married.  Loretta died December 22, 1966; Florence died June 12, 1995. Both buried next to Leonard & Cordelia at Holy Sepulchre.

Florence Webber's grave.  Author's collection.

Florence Webber’s grave. Author’s collection.

Seeing Florence’s death date on her gravestone made me regret not pursuing genealogy sooner.  I married a Western New Yorker in 1992 and we often passed through Rochester on the way to my in-laws.  If I had only known of Florence, I could have made the effort to meet her before she died!

*Leonard spelled his last name Weber until 1914.

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