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Great-Great Aunt Evelyn L. (Pleau) Weilert

Evelyn L. Pleau was born in February 1883, I presume in Rochester, NY.  She had an eighth grade education.  Like her father and most of her brothers, spent some time in the shoe industry, working as a shoe stitcher in 1990.

Evelyn married Charles W. Weilert on February 12, 1902 in Rochester, NY.  Charles seems to have started out as a wood finisher, but spent most of his life as a driver.  By 1940 he was unable to work.

The Weilerts had no surviving children.  They had a stillborn child in October 1902, which was buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, and at least one other child that died before 1910.

Both Evelyn and Charles had some musical talent; having performed with her brothers and niece Loretta Webber at her sister Ella’s wedding reception.

Throughout my research of the Weilerts, it seems to me that they were generous with their home.  Evelyn’s parents George & Emma lived with them till the ends of their lives in 1915 & 1918, respectively.  Her brothers George and Eugene lived with her & Charles at various times; in particular, George lived there when separated from his first wife, Agnes.

Charles’ generosity also was demonstrated by contributing to a fund to help Anna Hasman & her children, who suffered malnutrition & the effects of coal fumes in December 1928.

Charles died in December of 1947, and Evelyn moved to Webster, NY by 1948.  I wonder if she lived with Cordelia and Leonard?

St. Boniface Church.  Courtesy Google Earth.

St. Boniface Church. Courtesy Google Earth.

Eventually, she moved back to Rochester, where she died on November 29, 1965.  Her wake was held at MJ Miller’s Son Funeral Home the next day, and funeral was held at St. Boniface Church in Rochester on December 2,  Her death notice in the paper mention her survivors as sister Ella Britenstoool, niece Florence Webber, “and two nephews.”  Although unnamed, I know that they are George Albert Pleau (brother Charles Pleau’s son) and George Edmund Pleau (brother George’s son and my grandfather).  I wonder if they ever knew this aunt, although I can say my grandfather didn’t seem to be able to recall her specifically when I asked about his father’s family.

Like much of the Pleau family, Evelyn and Charles are buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.

Charles + Evelyn Weilert grave.  Author's collection.

Charles + Evelyn Weilert grave. Author’s collection.


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