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Third Great-Grandparents Job R. and Elizabeth Phoebe White

The following sketch is based on the best information that I have, which is quite limited. Some information is from online trees, some from family stories. It’s all I have, so that’s what we’ll be going on. If there are any cousins out there who have any documentation, it would be most welcome!

Job was born in 1816. Some trees list him as Joseph Job R. White, but I haven’t found any documents naming him as such. Not sure about who his parents were. At least once he was in the United States, he was a carpenter.

Elizabeth Phoebe White (yes, that’s her maiden name, from what I can tell) was born in 1817 in Tusket Lake, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia. Her parents, if several online trees and family stories are to be believed, were David White and Mary Hurlbert.

The 1900 US Census stated that a Elizabeth gave birth to 12 children, six of whom were living at that time. I can account for eight of them, so I can only assume that four died at a very young age, likely by 1861 (based on the number of children in the household at that Nova Scotia Census). Their children were:

  • Edgar Douglas, born October 3, 1840 in Shelburne, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia
  • William Faulkner, born 1843 in Nova Scotia
  • John David, born May 1845 in Shelburne, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia
  • Frances A., born circa 1846 in Yarmouth, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
  • Milton K. (later known as James M.), born March 30, 1849 in Yarmouth, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
  • Mary Roberts, born September 1851 in Yarmouth, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia (who I wrote of here)
  • Jennie (or Jane) E., born September 1856 in Yarmouth, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia (who I wrote of here)
  • Theodore W., born 1860 in Yarmouth, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia

Job and Elizabeth and at least some of their children immigrated to Massachusetts in the late 1860s (they are not present on the 1865 Massachusetts Census, but are present in the 1870 US Census). I suspect they may have come over in 1869 on the ship “Linda” to Boston (at least Milton and Theodore did; I still need to see a complete passenger list).

By the 1880 Census, Job and Elizabeth were living at 5 Clinton Street in Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts. As I noted here, their granddaughter Augusta Goodwin was living with them, along with their youngest son, Theodore.

In 1886, according to family legend, Theodore was very sickly (perhaps tuberculosis?), so Job and he traveled to Florida to see if the warmer climate could help him. Apparently the trip was helpful to Theodore, but Job died suddenly in Martin County, where he was buried. Theodore returned to Massachusetts sometime before 1890. There is another story, saying that the family (at least Job, Elizabeth & Theodore) moved to Florida at this time, but I can’t prove this either.

Rhodes Memorial Chapel.  Author's collection

Rhodes Memorial Chapel. Author’s collection

According to Lynn City Directories, Elizabeth lived with Theodore until his death in 1898, after which she lived with her widowed daughter, Mary Goodwin, until her own death on December 28, 1901. Elizabeth died of a cerebral hemmorage. Her funeral was held at Rhodes Memorial Chapel, which still stands (but is closed) at Pine Grove Cemetery in Lynn. Elizabeth was laid to rest in the Mayflower Path section of Pine Grove.

Elizabeth White's grave.  Author's collection

Elizabeth White’s grave. Author’s collection

One thought on “Third Great-Grandparents Job R. and Elizabeth Phoebe White

  1. I can confirm that Job R White was his name and Joseph Richard White was not. I have a number of letters that he and others (mother Elizabeth, sisters Fannie and Jane and brothers Milton and Theodore) wrote to my great-grandfather, Edgar Douglas White who arrived in New Zealand in 1865.
    My mother, Joan Bogue (still with us at 97) is Edgar’s grand-daughter, and although he died when she was a child in 1922, I can remember his wife Frances nee Organ who died in 1947 when I was 5, She was born here in 1857 and was only 15 when they married, EDW being 35.
    My mother corresponded with Mabel, from the Pleau/Colomy side until Mabel died. She lived in Stuart Florida and My wife, Robyn, and I stayed with her daughter Eleanor in Atlanta during a visit in December 2015. We also met Christine McCloud in New York – she keeps the Pleau family tree on MyHeritage, as I do for my wider family. We did also look at the streets in Lynn where the Whites lived and at the Pine Grove cemetery.
    Please email me at ibogue@slingshot.co.nz for more information exchange.
    Ian Bogue


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