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Third Great-Uncle William Faulkner White: A Key Connection

William Faulkner White, second child of Job R. and Elizabeth Phoebe White, was born 1843 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. He married Maria J. McNiel on February 9, 1866 by Rev. Henry Augette in Yarmouth in the Baptist Church. He lived in and worked as a farmer in Kemptville, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia between 1867 – 1874. In 1879, William and his family decided to follow in his parents’ footsteps and immigrate to the United States. They lived in Peabody and Salem, which are towns neighboring Lynn, Massachusetts. While there, he worked as a machinist, then by 1900 he was working as a carpenter, perhaps following in his father’s footsteps.

William and Maria’s children were:

  • Gertrude M (born March 8, 1867 in Kemptville)
  • Ervin Havelock (born March 4, 1871 in Kemptville)
  • Herman Douglas (born December 8, 1872 in Kemptville)
  • Gilbert A. (born October 11, 1874 in Rockingham)
  • Ernest William (or Washington) (born December 21, 1877 in Yarmouth)
  • Murray C. (born May 15, 1880 in Peabody, Essex County, MA)
  • Edgar (born May 29, 1882 in Salem, Essex County, MA)
  • Mabel (born May 29, 1882 in Salem, Essex County, MA)

William died in March 1931. Like so many of his family, he was buried in Pine Grove (Campanula Path,Lot-105,Grave-1/a) but with no gravestone. Maria died September 1932 and is also buried at Pine Grove (Plot-L, Lot-200,Grave-1).

For me, this story does not end with William’s death. William’s son Ernest married Faustina C. Mason on December 14, 1896, a month after the birth of their son, Ernest Harmon, in Lynn. Three years later, their daughter Hazel Faustina was born on December 19, 1899. Hazel went on to marry Thomas Howard Hill and have a son of her own, Sherman Granville on October 9, 1919.

Hazel White on left, circa 1919.  Courtesy Deb Thompson Colomy.

Hazel White on left, circa 1919. Courtesy Deb Thompson Colomy.

Making the connection back to William Faulkner White was important to me because I knew Hazel, Sherman, and Sherman’s wife Ginny, and I needed to know just how we were related (turns out she is my second cousin twice removed). When I was a little girl and we would visit her, Hazel would give me some chocolate or a little toy. Ginny and Sherman were always kind and friendly as well. Years later, after my grandfather’s funeral, Hazel sought me out to ask, “Do you remember me?” Oh, yes, I did! I was glad to recount her kindnesses, and she was glad I remembered. I also learned around this time that she had been very close to my great-grandmother Bertha.

Sadly, that was the last time I saw Hazel. She stayed in Lynn, and we were living on the far end of Connecticut. Hazel passed away on January 18, 1992, having outlived not only her husband (who had died in the 1920s), but her son Sherman and daughter-in-law Ginny as well. All are buried at Pine Grove; Ginny and Sherman are in the World War II section (which I still need to visit), and Hazel is buried in the Wren Section, Grave 583. I was able to pay my respects during my pilgrimage to Pine Grove two years ago. Once again, I remembered this cousin and her kindness to me.

Hazel Hill gravestone, Pine Grove Cemetery.  Author's collection.

Hazel Hill gravestone, Pine Grove Cemetery. Author’s collection.

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