Third Great Uncle Samuel Alexander Lipsett

Samuel Alexander Lipsett was the sixth child of Robert Bruce Lipsett and Christina McMaster, born on October 15, 1871 in Manchester, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia.

While in Nova Scotia, Samuel was a farmer. Once he immigrated to Massachusetts (between 1891-1900), he became a carpenter. It seems that he boarded with his sister Sarah Ann Hiltz in Gloucester.

According to later records, Samuel was naturalized as a US citizen in 1901, but returned to Nova Scotia by the 1901 Census. Perhaps that was when he met and courted Eliza Blanche Cunningham. On November 19, 1902, they married on Stoney Island, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia.

In 1903, Samuel and Eliza moved to Gloucester. Between 1904-1908, they finally settled in Salem.

Their children:

  • Lester Leland, born September 12, 1903 in Gloucester. Died April 5, 1905 of spinal meningitis.
  • Wallace Wiley Cunningham, born November 1, 1904 in Gloucester. Married Mildred Andrews on January 6, 1938. Died 1957 in Newburyport.
  • Richard Christopher, born January 25, 1908 in Salem. Married Margaret Goldthwait Stevens Gilbert on June 10, 1930 in Portsmouth, NH. Died 1971 in Marblehead.
  • Grace C., born September 17, 1913 in Salem. Married Karl David Kuell on June 25, 1938 in Salem.

Samuel died April 1, 1938 in Salem Hospital, and on October 17, 1976 Eliza died at Mary Alley Hospital in Marblehead. Both are buried at Greenlawn Cemetery in Salem.

Third Great Uncle John Christopher Lipsett

John Christopher Lipsett was the fourth child of Robert Bruce Lipsett and Christina McMaster. He was born March 11, 1864 or 1865 in Clam Harbour, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia and lived the rest of his life as a farmer in Manchester. During the early part of his life, his religion seemed to be Church of England but by 1921, he was a Methodist.

John married Mary E. Callahan on November 8, 1893 in Manchester by the Reverend NH Hamilton. Witnesses to the marriage were Rosina Hamilton and Edith Cameron.

Their children, who all seem to have been born in Manchester, were:

  • Everett H. Clair, born July 10, 1895. Married Lola Gertrude Morris in 1929. He died in 1957 in Manchester. Apparently, this is one branch of the Lipsett family that my father knew well. On a trip to Nova Scotia in 1988, he visited with Lola and her son Everett Morris Clair (nicknamed “Clair”).

    Dad, Lola + Clair in Manchester. Author's collection.

    Dad, Lola + Clair in Manchester. Author’s collection.

  • Robert Wilbur, born June 22, 1897. Married Mary Madelina Robicheau. He died 1984 in Boston.
  • Lydia Evelyn, born December 27, 1898. Never married. Died 1952 (I assume in Manchester).
  • Alexander Wyman, born May 11, 1901. Never married. Died 1926 in Manchester of tuberculosis.
  • John Christopher, Jr., born June 29, 1906. No evidence that he was married. Died 1975 in Manchester.
  • Mary Christina, born May 8, 1912. Married Arthur Chiasson. Died 2004 in Boylston, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia.

John died on August 24, 1921 of pneumonia in Manchester. His wife Mary died June 11, 1949 and both are buried in Manchester Cemetery.

Third Great Aunt Mary Magdelina (Lipsett) Barnd

Mary Magdelina Lipsett was born on July 7, 1862 in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia. She was the third child of Robert Bruce Lipsett and Christina McMaster. Like the rest of her family, she grew up in Manchester.

Mary was a young unmarried woman when her first son, Charles N., was born in Manchester sometime between 1882 and 1884. Whatever the year, it seems that his date of birth was August 15.

For some reason, Mary immigrated to US in 1894, leaving her son Charles with her parents. Perhaps she was looking for better opportunities for herself and Charles. However, she soon became pregnant again and had another son: Wilfred J. Barnd (born July 12, 1895) in Gloucester, Essex County, MA. About a month later, she married Wilfred’s father, George Barnd, in Boston, Suffolk County, MA on August 13, 1895. A widower, George had two other children: Gorde and Anna.

Son Albert Theodore joined the family on October 7, 1899. His time was short, though, as he died December 14, 1899 of pneumonia.

By the 1900 Census, the entire Barnd family lived on Rowe Street in Gloucester. This is the last record I can find of George. In 1901 Mary (as “Mrs. Geo Barnd”) and Wilfred, listed as residents of Boston, were on a ship heading back to Boston. I suspect that George may have died between 1900 and 1901. So far, the last record I have of Mary is living with Wilfred in the 1920 Census, as listed as widowed.

I don’t know when Mary died, nor do I know where she or George are buried.

Charles immigrated to the United States in 1901 and ended up marrying his cousin, Ethel Morton Hiltz, as stated here. He lived until 1950 and is buried in Beech Brook Cemetery (Gloucester). Wilfred married a woman named Clara and died in 1958. He is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery (Gloucester).

Third Great Aunt Sarah Ann (Lipsett) Hiltz

Sarah Ann Lipsett, oldest daughter and second oldest child of Robert Bruce Lipsett and Christina McMaster, was born on January 30, 1861 in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia.

Sarah immigrated to Massachusetts between 1881 and 1886 (perhaps she came over with her brother Stanley). It looks like she was never naturalized as a U.S. citizen.

On November 22, 1886, Sarah married Charles Albert Hiltz in Gloucester, Essex County, MA. Judging by their oldest child’s 1900 Census data, it looks like Sarah and Charles returned to Nova Scotia in 1887, but came back to Gloucester in 1889.

Their children:

  • Rita M., born 1887 in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia Naturalized in the 1920s. Never married.
  • Ethel Morton, born on December 13, 1890 in Gloucester. Married Charles N. Lipsett (her 1st cousin) on June 12, 1916. (This is the cousin that my great-grandmother Eva lived with during the early years of her marriage, while her husband Thomas F. Atwell was at sea.)
  • Christina Lipsett, born on January 20, 1893 in Gloucester. Married William R.C. Burke on November 22, 1919.
  • Robert Clifton, born on November 25, 1895 in Gloucester. Married Bessie Christian Larsen on April 4, 1915.
  • Jennie Leona, born on March 13, 1901 in Gloucester. Married Walter Carl Monroe on August 18, 1918.

On August 31, 1907, Charles died of stomach cancer. Sarah was now a single mother of five children aged six to twenty. I’m sure Rita helped support the family, but Sarah turned to what many widowed women did back in those days: take in a boarder. Now it seems that Sarah and Charles had a number of boarders back in 1900 (some of whom seemed to be family), but by the 1910 Census they were all gone.

Enter the mysterious (to me) Frank Dauphinee, a Gloucester fisherman born in Nova Scotia around 1871. Frank not only lived with them at least from the 1910’s to the end of his life in 1940, but he is also buried at Beech Brook Cemetery in Gloucester on the family plot. (A special thanks to Sharon Cohen, the Find-a-Grave contributor who photographed and annotated the layout of the plot.) I’ve found very little information on Frank, except that he was in the U.S. Navy, stationed in Samoa in 1900. In any case, he obviously held a special place in the family’s hearts.

A typical Gloucester fisherman.  Courtesy Library of Congress.

A typical Gloucester fisherman. Courtesy Library of Congress.

Back to Sarah: she lived with Rita until her death on February 9, 1926. Along with her husband, children, and most of their spouses (and Frank, of course), she is buried in Beech Brook Cemetery.