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Third Great Uncle John Christopher Lipsett

John Christopher Lipsett was the fourth child of Robert Bruce Lipsett and Christina McMaster. He was born March 11, 1864 or 1865 in Clam Harbour, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia and lived the rest of his life as a farmer in Manchester. During the early part of his life, his religion seemed to be Church of England but by 1921, he was a Methodist.

John married Mary E. Callahan on November 8, 1893 in Manchester by the Reverend NH Hamilton. Witnesses to the marriage were Rosina Hamilton and Edith Cameron.

Their children, who all seem to have been born in Manchester, were:

  • Everett H. Clair, born July 10, 1895. Married Lola Gertrude Morris in 1929. He died in 1957 in Manchester. Apparently, this is one branch of the Lipsett family that my father knew well. On a trip to Nova Scotia in 1988, he visited with Lola and her son Everett Morris Clair (nicknamed “Clair”).

    Dad, Lola + Clair in Manchester. Author's collection.

    Dad, Lola + Clair in Manchester. Author’s collection.

  • Robert Wilbur, born June 22, 1897. Married Mary Madelina Robicheau. He died 1984 in Boston.
  • Lydia Evelyn, born December 27, 1898. Never married. Died 1952 (I assume in Manchester).
  • Alexander Wyman, born May 11, 1901. Never married. Died 1926 in Manchester of tuberculosis.
  • John Christopher, Jr., born June 29, 1906. No evidence that he was married. Died 1975 in Manchester.
  • Mary Christina, born May 8, 1912. Married Arthur Chiasson. Died 2004 in Boylston, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia.

John died on August 24, 1921 of pneumonia in Manchester. His wife Mary died June 11, 1949 and both are buried in Manchester Cemetery.


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