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Three Fourth-Greats With Little Information

Lucy Goodwin had two older sisters and one younger brother who I know existed, but little else. The following is all the information I have on them; all were born in Berwick, York County, Maine:

Anna Goodwin, born January 20, 1828; died October 12, 1833

Mary F. Goodwin, born August 6, 1831; seems to be on the 1840 Census as a tick mark (one of the two females under 10; Lucy would be the other); appears on the 1850 Census with her parents at the age of twenty. In later censuses, there are other Mary F. Goodwins in York County who would match her age, but some preliminary research seem to indicate that they are not the same as my Mary. So far, I have not been able to find any marriage or death records for her.

John Adams Goodwin, born June 28, 1836; died July 12, 1836. At first glance, one might think that this child was named after John Quincy Adams or his father; however, I discovered that one of the leading Methodist ministers in this area of Maine at the time was named John Adams. Being Methodists themselves, Ivory and Jerusha may have named their son after the minister.

Again, there is a need for offline research on this family. Perhaps a genealogy road trip is in order?


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