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The Randall Line: From Immigration to George

Now that I have less information on my Randalls, I thought I would give a quick fly-over of the generations between the first Randall in the new World up to George W. Randall, who I covered in my last post. I will just be covering my direct line, not the collaterals. Here we go!

The first Randall was William Randall born circa 1609 in England (thought to be in London, though that may be just where he sailed from). He was the son of Simon Randall and Jane Stephens. When William was 26, he immigrated aboard the ship Expectacon on April 24, 1635. The ship landed in Providence, RI, but William ended up settling in Scituate, MA.

It was in Scituate around 1640 where William married Elizabeth Barstow, daughter of Matthew Barstow and Isobel Hill. She was born around 1619 near Halifax, Yorkshire, England. (Some sources believe that William’s wife’s name was Elizabeth Carver; if anyone has proof arguments in this case, please let me know!) Elizabeth died on December 24, 1672 and William on October 13, 1693, both in Scituate.

William and Elizabeth had a son named William, who was born December 1647 in Scituate. This William moved to Rhode Island and settled in Providence, in the area that is now Cranston, RI (which did not become a town until 1754). He had a grist mill on the west bank of the Pocasset River. He married Rebecca Fowler circa December 1674 or 1675. Rebecca was the daughter of Henry Fowler and Rebecca Newell and was born 1656 in Providence. William died April 11, 1712 and Rebecca on March 23, 1730. It is interesting to note that on October 24, 1702, William freed ” his negro slave” named Peter Palmer for his good service, “to be his own man at his own disposing.” This is my first knowledge of any slave-holding ancestors in my family. I’m glad that William freed Peter, and I wonder whatever became of him.

William and Rebecca were the parents of a son named William, who was born on September 10, 1675 in Providence. It seems that he, like his father, was a miller. He married Abial Wight (who was born on October 8, 1675) on October 8, 1693 (what a birthday present!). William died on July 8, 1742 and Abial on September 2, 1753. Both are buried at St. Ann’s Cemetery, which is located in Cranston. St. Ann’s is obviously a Catholic Cemetery and it was established in the 1850’s. It is a very large cemetery and abuts, among other things, Randall Pond. Perhaps William owned this portion of land and it had become the family cemetery (several generations of their descendants are buried here).

William and Abial had their own son named William (the last one for this line – I promise!), born circa 1695. He married a woman named Mercy Williams (also born around 1695) on April 14, 1720. Her parents were Joseph Williams and Lydia Hearnden (or Herenden or Harrington), and we will be revisiting them in a later post!

I have no idea about William and Mercy’s deaths and burials, but they had a son named Joseph (I assume named after Mercy’s father) circa 1728 in Knightsville, which is a section of current-day Cranston. He married Abigail Westcott (or Westscott) (born circa 1732) in 1750. They eventually moved to Johnston, Providence County, RI where Joseph died on November 25, 1775 (I don’t have a death date for Abigail). As I stated in my post about their son George, their place of burial was moved to Woodlawn Cemetery in Johnston, where generations of Randalls now lie.

10 thoughts on “The Randall Line: From Immigration to George

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  2. I’ve been doing genealogy for my niece. Her name is Lori Randall Marcil. Her grandfather is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery. His name is Arthur Leroy Randall. I’m so happy to have found your blog. I wondered about William Randall who married Mercy Williams. I wanted to find her Randall ancesters when they came over from England. Do you have any idea where William and Mercy are buried?
    Thank You


    • Oh, I wish I knew! Though it’s possible they could be buried in the older section of St. Ann Cemetery in Cranston in graves that are no longer marked. Since that section predates when St. Ann’s became a cemetery, I don’t think there’s burial records for that section.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Thanks for that! Seeing St. Ann’s is a catholic cemetery and Rhode Island is a small state its a like a family reunion there. It’s funny not far from the cemetery there is a Randall Street and in Providence there is a Randall Square. I told me niece it’s all named after her family. She is a direct descendent of Roger Williams.

    Thanks for your help!!


  4. Hello Randall cousins! I am descended through the first three Williams and then William and Abial’s son Job Randall, then Job’s son William, William’s son Job, Job son Job was my Great Grandfather-confusing I know! Fascinating though!


  5. Hi,I’m a Randall descended from William “The Founder” and Elizabeth Barstow. From there, William Jr., William 3, William 4. Then Joseph, Caleb, Charles, William W., Charles J., Charles E., William H., my Dad, Milton and me, Holly. I live in RI and have been to Woodlawn cemetery where many Randalls’ are buried. I have not been to St Ann’s yet. I also found a book online, Randall and Allied Families By F. A. Randall. Has a lot of information. I’m glad I found your blog.


    • Hello, cousin! I’ve looked at Randall and Allied Families as well, which takes my line down to my great-great grandparents. I haven’t been able to find it online yet, though!


  6. Hi cousin, I’m a descendant of William Founder, then to one of his other children John. From him, Thomas, Simeon, Simeon Jr (who served in the revolutionary war), Jesse, Stephen Paine (who made barrels and belts), Jesse O (who was a doctor in Buffalo NY, but was killed in a car crash), Searle Stephen, Joseph O, Daniel S my dad, and then me, Christopher. The book Randall and Allied Families goes to my great grandfather and my fathers aunts. I found your post very interesting, especially all the landmarks in Rhode Island with our family name. Glad I found it.


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