Tenth Great-Grandparents: Job and Margaret (Dummer) Clement

In this post, I’ll climb up one more run of the Clement/Clements ladder to the first Job
Clement. Again, the following is to the best of my knowledge and what I could definitely
ascribe to him rather than his son.

Job was born 1616 in Leicester, England to Robert Clement and ___. He and his father
settled in Haverill, Massachusetts. He was a tanner and his tannery, as of February 27,
1644, was located at the mouth of Mill Brook. I don’t see this brook in Haverhill
anymore, but there is a Mill Brook Park and a Mill Street, so perhaps the tannery was
somewhere on that street.

On December 25, 1645, he and Margaret Dummer had the honor of being the first marriage in
Haverhill. Although we celebrate that day as Christmas today, Job and Margaret and their
community probably did not. Their son Job was born on April 17, 1648; there are online
trees that show two other children, but I have yet to research them.

Job Sr. soon became involved in town life. On January 30, 1647, he became Haverhill’s
first constable, and in 1651, he was appointed to “end small causes”.

Only eight years into their marriage, Margaret passed away in Haverhill in 1653. Perhaps
this may have sparked Job into moving to Dover, Norfolk County, Massachusetts (now
Strafford County, New Hampshire) by 1655. There he must have met his second wife Lydia,
who he married in 1657. I assume he was married to Lydia the longest, as I found that he
married one last time on July 16, 1673 to Joanna (Silsby) Leighton.

Finally, Job passed away on September 4, 1682 in Dover. Right now, I’m unaware of where
he or any of his wives are buried.