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Same Name:  My Grandmother Said…

I have a boatload of ancestors that have the same name as their fathers/sons (and even their mothers/daughters) to chose from for this week’s #52Ancestors theme.  I decided to go with the ancestor closest to me:  my dad.

When I was first bitten by the genealogy bug when I was 15, I asked my paternal grandmother, Eugenie Beryl (Atwell) Pleau all kinds of questions about my ancestors.  She not only knew a ton about her own line, but my grandfather’s as well.  I knew that my Dad was named after his father, George Edmund Pleau.  What about Grampy’s father?  Grammy said that the George Edmund Pleau line went back eight or nine generations!

Well, I’ve since discovered that she wasn’t totally right; but she was partly right!  (And to her credit, it’s amazing she knew as much as she did about my grandfather’s family, since he didn’t talk about them or know too much about them himself.)  Anyway as I’ve blogged about, my grandfather was the child of George Edmund Pleau and Bertha Elizabeth Colomy.  This George was the one who my aunt was intrigued with and wanted to learn more about.  She was the one who found that he was born to George Pleau and Emma LeClair, but then her research erroneously led her to different parents of my great-great grandfather and she was unaware of my conversation with my grandmother.

George Edmund Pleau’s christening record. Courtesy FamilySearch.org.

Fortunately my aunt’s curiosity was passed down to me and I started my genealogical journey with this family.  George Pleau (who married Emma) did not seem to have a middle name, according to his French-Canadian christening record, nor do I show any subsequent records with a middle name.  Also, his father’s name was not George, but Edouard.  There was one more previous George, though:  a brother who was born and died before my George was born in 1843.  Like so many families in the 1800s, the Pleau’s re-used this name for a son who just might live (which he did!).

So George Pleau was a name that went on for four generations.  I’m not sure if my parents had a son that they’d name him George, though.

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