What Happened in 2020?

One of my genealogy goals for 2020 was to blog more consistently, so I hopped aboard the #52Ancestors train and got going!  It was moving along…until lockdown.  Then I just didn’t have the bandwidth for blogging (and a lot of other stuff) anymore, and decided to cut myself some slack.

In fact, with the exception of keeping #genchat going, my genealogy work really took a hit for a while.  I did, however, finish a cross-stitch project that I’d been working on for ten years!  (Why did it take over ten years?  Because I was doing genealogy during that time!)

The cross-stitch I completed in 2020! – Author’s collection

There were a lot of great genealogical opportunities during lockdown, some of which I didn’t take advantage of, and some I did.  Among those I did were:

  • Attending my genealogical society’s Zoom meetings.  This was great, since I haven’t gotten to travel to them in years.
  • Attending the second Virtual Genealogical Association conference in November
  • Accessing Ancestry through the library–yeah!
  • A free period of Newspapers.com, which lent some life details and some vital information for my extended family (some of which can probably never be shared, which is all I can say!).

Other genealogical accomplishments:

  • I know I mentioned it before, but keeping #genchat going was important to me.  I didn’t want the pandemic to kill it off, though it was affected by folks’ fatigue from being on the computer all day.  
  • I got back on board with working through my software’s “to do” list.  I had fallen months behind in inputting information for my neglected ancestors.
  • I finally scanned and input the source information for my Filles du Roi line, and even began researching the lines that those pieces of information uncovered!
  • Thanks to Reclaim the Records’ efforts in getting New York State’s birth, marriage and death indexes online, I found out:
  • When my great-great grandmother died
  • When my great-grandmother’s first husband died
  • When my great-grandmother married my great-grandfather
  • A handful of collateral marriage dates
  • I found my great-grandfather’s (and other collaterals’) immigration paperwork on FamilySearch.
  • Through an online tree agreeing with a family story, I discovered the death date, place and final last name of my great-great grandmother!
  • Finding two decades worth of the Lynn Daily Item online, which gave me so much more information on my Colomy and White ancestors (especially Bertha)!  I’m anxiously awaiting issues after 1899.
  • I kept up with blog posts regarding the Honor Roll Project in May and October.
  • Although there was no official “Find a Grave” day, I did set aside some time to fulfill some photo requests in our local cemetery in October.

Looking back on all this, I guess I accomplished way more than I thought during 2020, some of which can provide blog fodder for 2021.  Meanwhile I do still plan on writing a very special Norwalk-based post.  I was hoping to get to it this year, but maybe next year will be a better time.  Stay tuned!