An Unofficial #RootsTechConnect Guide

Let me start by saying that I am not a RootsTech ambassador, an employee of any genealogy company, nor am I affiliated with FamilySearch. I’m just a gal who wants to attend RootsTech Connect and I’ve had a lot of questions! I just spent my afternoon sifting through tweets, blog posts and videos, and I think I’ve boiled down the critical information. I won’t regurgitate what many other bloggers have already stated, but will cut to the chase instead.

  1. First, even if you registered via, you need to register with your FamilySearch account if you have one (or create a FamilySearch account first if you don’t) here. This way, when you login to the conference when it goes live, you’ll be ready to take advantage of all the website’s features.
  2. Watch this sneak peek video for a complete walk-through of how RootsTech Connect is going to work and what the website will look like (which will go live on Wednesday, February 24). From what I saw, the website looked really intuitive.
  3. Once the “Main Stage” sessions will be streamed at certain times, they will be on-demand, along with all the other sessions that will be on-demand once the conference goes live. You can look over these lists now to decide what sessions you’re interested in, or…
  4. When the conference is live, you’ll be able to navigate by categories to find sessions more easily and you’ll be able to mark the sessions you’re interested in on a Playlist. Your Playlist will be available after the conference.
  5. Keep in mind that the things that will only be available during the days of RootsTech (Feb 25-27) are the chat rooms for each session (where you can ask questions) and the Exhibit Hall. Think about prioritizing the Exhibit Hall and the classes for which you’ll most likely have questions.
  6. Syllabi (if provided by the speaker) will be available under the relevant sessions.
  7. There will be genealogy research consultations!
  8. There is a RootsTech store!

You can find further details through the links on my RootsTech Connect Pinterest board.

My RootsTech Connect Pinterest board.