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How I Got Started in Family History

Having read Alex Haley’s “Roots” by age 15, I was kind of fascinated with the idea of tracing my ancestry. How far back could I go? I started by asking my parents and grandparents questions, then I drew my own version of the family tree in an old notebook.

Not knowing anything about genealogical research, I just set aside my family tree for years. Meanwhile, my dad’s sister started to do her own digging into her father’s mysterious ancestors, and she would tell me some of the things that she learned. When she passed away in 2010, my sister gave me a directive when cleaning out my aunt’s apartment: save any family stuff you find!

I couldn’t find any physical paperwork, but I did find some links on her laptop. What could they tell me? Again, the clues were scant, but it was enough to get me curious, and curiosity was all I needed! I’ve been on a rampage to learn more, more, more about all of my forbears!

This Blog

Since I’ve been encouraged by friends and family to get my genealogy “out there”, and as I’ve become more involved in the genealogy community, I’ve decided to blog about it, like so many have done before me. I plan on writing about my ancestors and my other genealogy-related pursuits.

I read somewhere that my maiden name “Pleau” is a variant of “Belleau”, which is French for “beautiful water”. Having grown up with a name that no one can seem to pronounce or spell, and having lived almost all my life on a shoreline town or city, I figured “Beautiful Water Genealogy” would make a perfect name for this blog!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve been reading through all the stuff you’ve found on the Markoski family. Great job! I found through e-mail exchanges that your Mom’s memories and mine differ in some areas, and what one of us remembers sometimes the other doesn’t. I also have a few tidbits that may help you along or you might find interesting. Rather than run on here, feel free to contact me at my e-mail address. Thought I had yours, but apparently not.


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