#NGS2015gen : National Genealogy Society Conference

Another genealogy conference we can eavesdrop on together! This one is in St. Charles, MO and officially starts on Wednesday, May 13, but rumor has it that Library Day is Tuesday.

Let’s check out the tweets, pictures and videos from NGS 2015 at https://www.rebelmouse.com/ngs2015/

The Genealogy Event: Are You Going?

This Friday starts the third Genealogy Event in New York City, and I can’t wait! There is a Starbucks nearby, the venue is stunning and historic, and I’ll be meeting people I know only virtually! Best of all, of course, I will be immersed in genealogy with like-minded people.

Venue for The Genealogy Event.  Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Venue for The Genealogy Event. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Some of the lectures I will be attending are:

  • Reading Old Documents (Michael LeClerc)
  • Understanding Our Families (Ron Arons)
  • Lineage Society (Shannon Combs-Bennett)
  • Passenger Manifests (Phyllis Kramer)
  • DNA & Pop Culture (Blaine Bettinger)
  • Caring for Keepsakes (Denise Levinick)

And a few others as I am so led.

If you cannot attend the Genealogy Event, feel free to visit the Rebel Mouse page that I’ve set up, capturing the tweets and pictures of the conference. I’ll do my best to keep it as “live” as possible. If you haven’t visited Rebel Mouse pages before, I’ve found them to be very helpful in capturing the flavor of a conference; almost like being a fly on the wall!

Of course, I’ll be writing a blog post afterwards to reflect on the whole experience. I hope to see some of you there!